Artificial turf fence is to pave artificial turf on the original fence wall, which is green, low cost, simple construction and no maintenance in the later stage. It is commonly used in the construction site, mainly used for safety isolation and facilities to prevent foreign personnel from entering the construction site. Green fence artificial lawn is divided into two series: flat blanket type and high simulation type.

The advantages of the flat blanket type fence artificial turf are low price, and the density can meet the different needs of customers, for example, it can be applied to the coverage of construction waste. At present, there are many fences on both sides of the road, but the color is not only green, but also the simulation effect is very good. The high simulation series fences the artificial lawn, and the grass silk is softer and brighter in color. The production process of straight wire and curved wire is adopted, which makes the product look closer to the natural lawn from the appearance. In practical application, the advertisement words can be added on it.

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